Things to Do for Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

A birthday is always a reason for celebration, most especially if it is your own Son or Daughter. Having a kid is not easy, and parents always want the best for their children.

I may not have my own son or daughter yet but I am very excited and I’m really looking forward on the time that I will be planning my child’s 1st Birthday Celebration in the future.

Of course we all want our children’s 1st birthday to be memorable and special, it may be a simple celebration but if it’s celebrated together with our loved ones, may it be with close friends and families, the celebration will already be extra special.


Let me share with you some of my Ideas on how to plan a 1st birthday party.

  1. Choosing the right time where you think your little one is wide awake for him/ her to enjoy his/ her own birthday celebration.
  2. Choose a place where your child will be comfortable with and you all can enjoy.
  3. Choose a theme which you think is appropriate for your child.
  4. Prepare the invitation which matches your birthday theme and ensure to send it to all the guests ahead of time.
  5. Plan the cake and menu that will be served on the birthday party. It is also suggested to order a small cake and mix it with cupcakes and place it on the cake/ cupcake stand. By doing this, it is easier for the guests to enjoy the cake and not waiting for you to serve it to them. Plan the menu according to what the children love. It may be simple foods but the kids will definitely enjoy it.
  6. Prepare a themed souvenirs or keepsakes. (I do prefer personalized ones)
  7. Decorations are also important and you have to ensure that it matches the theme of the party so everything will be uniform. Some of the suggested decorations are balloons, Birthday banner, and themed centerpiece.
  8. Games are also one of the most awaited parts on the party. Prepare a game where not only the kids will participate but the adults as well. Make sure that you have also prepared the prizes for the games.
  9. Let’s not forget the picture of perfect moments. Every moment of the party should be documented. You can also rent a photo booth for more fun, but if you are out of budget you can prepare your own personalized one. If you have a video cam, you may also record the whole party so you can watch it once your child has grown older.
  10. Years from now, it will definitely be fun to remember the 1st birthday celebration of your son/ daughter. So make sure to prepare a guest book or wishing tree where all the guests can sign in and write their well wishes for your child.


For me having a simple or elegant birthday party should not be the focus of anyone who is planning a birthday celebration. Having a child is already a blessing from God – it is more important, so be thankful for this wonderful gift and an opportunity of experiencing of becoming a parent to your children.