6 Simple Fun Activities to Do on Thanksgiving Day

Easy to perform tasks will add more excitement to your celebration.

Thanksgiving Day is the time to show our gratitude the the Creator for all the favors He has given us. And maybe you are just tired of spending too much time eating and watch TV and you do not know what else to do.

Take note that the Thanksgiving seems to arrive at the lightning speed and you feel like you have the obligation to prepare and plan something.

What can you do?

You should be ready for entertaining with all your relatives and close friends coming for the Thanksgiving. This means that you have not only to prepare plenty of drinks and foods, but also you have to plan for fun activities to enjoy while celebrating this day.

The dinner part is easy, but the fun activities seem to quite tasking because you do not know what to do.

There are aspects of making an activity fun, enjoyable, and memorable. First is planning an activity that all can take part.

Second is you should try to put activities that are easy, yet challenging, so your guests will not be bored with the same old – same old routine of games and activities, and these are as follows:

1. Board games – yes, an old – fashioned board games will help you engage your entire guest because you never get tired playing these kinds of games.

These games will spark your imagination and determination to win because these look simple, yet a challenge games. You will never feel so worked up in your life just by playing these games.

2. Charades – are games perfect for large groups, so if you sense that you got tons of visitors and guests, then it is always better to have these games.

Playing charades will get you and your guest be blown out of your minds because the fun would never stop until the game and celebration ended. These games are not only entertaining, but also can make your blood boil.

3. Karaoke – a celebration is not complete if there is no singing competition. Karaoke already becomes a tradition or part that eases your stress and pressure just by singing any songs, while at the same time livening up the party atmosphere.

This is the perfect activity for Thanksgiving since this will give you courage, strength, fun, and excitement.

4. Surprise gifts – is like the exchanging gifts during Christmas, but the difference is all of your guests will buy weird gifts or items and give them to the one they get from random picking.

These funny and weird gifts will usually create a big impact during Thanksgiving.

5. Thankfulness Jar – is a container that holds up a thankful note of each of your guests. They will put a thankful note when each of your guest arrives and at the dinner, someone will read this note and everyone will try to figure out who wrote which note.

The items can vary and range from the serous to the silly type.

thanksgiving activity

6. Coloring Pages – yes, you can print some coloring pages for kids or even for adult to enjoy in case you want to incorporate creativity in you celebration of Thanksgiving day.

Of course you have to look for those pages that related to the celebration like this “Harvest Festival Printable Colouring Sheet“.

There, you have it! You can do on several things Thanksgiving Day. The above activities are just an introduction on what else you should do aside from eating foods and watching TV.

You can create your own, but you must make sure that the activities you plan are fun, entertaining, amusing and enjoyable. As a result, the things to do on Thanksgiving Day can always make a big difference!