This Road Called 99 Bends; Look Closer to See How Dangerous It Is

This scary road that looks like an intestine in China is called 99 Bends.

Viewing it on Google map, you will see something like a white doodle lines on a green canvass, but when look at it closer, you will be surprised that it is a road on the cliffs to the top of mountain.

It is a part of Tianmen Mountain, a mountain located within Tianmen Mountain National Park, Zhangjiajie, in northwestern Hunan Province, China.

This dangerous road is called 99 Bends because it has literally less than one to have 100 dangerous curves from the bottom to the top of the mountain and Tianmen Cave.

AFP Photo / October 16, 2015
Photo by Caters News Agency
Photo by Magali De Vrin
By Kay Sin via Panoramio
MF(Meditation Falcon) via Panoramio