This Ripped Open Airplane Continued Flying and Landed Safetly in 1988

Aloha Airlines flight 243 was ripped open mid-flight on April 28, 1988.

Aloha Airlines flight 243 from Hilo to Honolulu in Hawaii was ripped open mid-flight due to explosive decompression (a drop in the pressure of an aircraft cabin) caused by metal fatigue and maintenance error in flight on April 28, 1988, but Capt. Robert Schornstheimer bravely continued flying the plane to safety on Maui.

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Unfortunately, the 58-year-old Flight Attendant Clarabelle Lansing, a veteran flight attendant of 37 years, was thrown out of the plane and her body was never found.

Out of 90 passengers and five crew on board, there were 65 passengers and crew were injured, and the total number of survivors was 94.