Why Richard Branson Said That Employees First, Customers Second?

“Put you staffs first, customer second, and shareholders third.”

“Put you staffs first, customer second, and shareholders third.” Richard Branson in an exclusive Inc. interview.

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is a multi billionaire who has more than 400 companies under a multinational branded venture capital conglomerate, the Virgin Group. Forbes listed his estimated net worth at US $5.1 billion in September 2016.

In the interview, Branson emphasised that if the persons who work in your company are one hundred percent proud of what they are doing, you give them the right tool to the do good job, and they love the brand, they will be smiling and they will be happy. Therefore, the customers will have a nice experience.

He added that if the employees are not given the right tools and not being appreciated, they will not do things with smile, and the customers will be treated in a way that they do not want to come back.

Similar principle was shared by Marilyn Nagel when she wrote that engaged employees who feel supported by their company provide more robust customer relationship management systems for customers, because they care about the customer experience in the same way their company cares about them.

Another author, Helen Akers, believes that employees should be given importance. She said that if employees feel that their contributions to the organization are undervalued, they may cease to have a sense of personal responsibility for the firm’s success.

So, the next time that you are confused which comes first, it’s neither the egg nor the chicken, but the employees according to Richard Branson.