How Men Can Have The Best Choice Of Fragrance To Be More Attractive

Do you know that a study conducted in UK shows that wearing fragrance makes you more attractive? However, choosing right fragrance for you is not as simple as one, two, three.

It is very easy to be confused as which fragrance is the best for you because the task of choosing a perfume for men is a bit tricky and requires a bit of consulting. It is challenging but when mastered is a simple process.

The issue of choosing a perfume becomes tricky when you have to choose a perfume that is compatible to your lifestyle, occasion and even personality. You can guess your choice of perfume was not correct when your confidence suddenly evaporates.

Your Character And The Occasion

For someone to conclude that you had the right choice of perfume it must unify yourself with the occasion you are intending to go, your lifestyle and even your character. If this objective is not achieved, you know you are a victim of poor choice of perfume.

If you are not a victim of poor choice of perfume, the perfume that you pick is the one to speak for itself. Apart from unifying you with your character, the perfume will also unify with your natural scent or else you will smell bad.

The above mentioned are the main things that a man should be looking to when he is in a dilemma as to which perfume is the best for them at a particular occasion. They should not be looking at the trending one or the one currently fashionable.

Trending One Is Not Always In

The main reason as to why men should not be using the perfume that is trendy in the market is simple: Not everything that is currently trendy in the market can be compatible with you personally, and not as “man”

Yes, a perfume can be stylishly be labelled for men and yet it can be embarrassing to you as a man. You can try the perfume because you saw it somewhere in the newspaper yet it can fail to be compatible with you.

You can’t use a perfume because a friend of you uses it and it is always unify him and his inner self such that you admire the perfume. You should put in mind that something that works the best for someone can work the worst for you.

Go For Classic Scent If You Are Not Sure

There are people who have very sensitive nose especially those who have sinusitis and other olfactory problems; your strong exotic scent may trigger their illness.

When joining events that are attended by different class of people, it is better to be in the safe mode when using fragrance ,and mild and classic scent is a better choice.

Some of my personal choice of mild-scent fragrance are Polo Ralph Lauren Blue Cologne, CK One, Issey Miyake Blue, and Paco Rabbane Ultrared Men.



Few More Factors To Consider

Because of the power that a perfume has to an individual especially a man, hence when it comes to choosing a perfume it should be done carefully while considering the following factors.

For what particular occasion is the perfume for. If you are intending to go for a public occasion and then use a perfume that makes people complain of various issues. You should avoid the perfume or else feel awkward at the weird glances you will be receiving.

Another thing to consider is your mood. The mood that you are in at the moment is another thing to consider. If not the mood at the moment, you can also use a perfume when trying to show a particular mood, maybe trying to display your romantic mood, and a perfume can display it.

Your health and body chemistry is also important to consider. You should also avoid perfumes that don’t go well with your body chemistry, even if they are trendy at the time. This is because some perfume can even lead body allergies and dizziness that might be embarrassing sometimes.

With all this ideas in mind the decision of choosing a perfume should be a well thought idea .Hence the procedure of choosing a perfume for men should be an easy task