‘McDonald’s Hotel’ Meme, Inspired by Matobato-Lacson Convo

Jollibee also become part of the McDonald’s Hotel meme that spreads on social media.

Some brilliant business ideas are just around the corner and sometimes they appear in times and places that no one expects. Who would expect that ‘McDonald’s Hotel’ will become popular in the Philippines?

Before we will talk about that hotel, did you know that in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore, there is a beverage called nestlo? This term is a portmanteau of Nescafe and Milo.

Years ago, people in Borneo are manually mixing a small amount on Nescafe into Milo to have a chocolate drink that has a little taste of coffee. This become their practice for years. Later on, Nestle Malaysia created a product called Neslo, a premix of Nescafe and Milo in a sachet.

Instead of buying Nescafe and Milo to make a nestlo drink, people can now buy Neslo and have you beverage conveniently.

If you look at the scenario, the ‘neslo’ idea did not come from the Nestle itself but from the people who tried to add a different taste on their Milo drink.

The nestlo story is similar to the story of ‘McDonald’s Hotel’, but this time, it is only about business concept. I don’t think that the popular food chain will consider entering into a hotel business.


How It All Started

The Philippines Senate is currently having an investigation about the extra judicial killings (EJK) in the country as effect of the government’s war on drug — 1,506 people had been killed in police operations as of September 14 according to the Philippine national police.

During the Senate hearing on September 15, the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights presented Edgar Matobato as witness, and Senator Lacson found a mistake on his testimony, which encourage the Senator to ask questions to test the credibility of the witness.

Here is the conversation between Lacson and Matobato:

Lacson: Kiniwento nyo kanina kung papaano pinatay si Richard King, di ba? Papaano nga sya pinatay? (A while ago, you described how Richard King was killed, right? Can you describe again how was he killed?)

Matobato: Binaril sa hotel. Sa kainan, doon binaril ng dalawa kong kasama si… (He was shot in a hotel. In an eatery, he was shot by my two companions namely…)

Lanson: Anong hotel po yon? (What hotel was that?)

Matobato: Sa McDo din. (In McDo also.)

Lacson: Saan? (Where)

Matobato: McDo, kumakain. (McDo, [he was] eating.)

Lacson: McDonald’s?

Mabobato: Oo. (Yes.)

Because of that witness’ answer, the McDonald’s Hotel meme started to spread on social media. Jollibee also become part of some version of the story.


Photo by Facebook user Jomarie Gamuzaran

Because McDoneld’s has now chain of hotels, it’s Filipino counterpart, Jollibee, become sad. One image shows the two mascots in a brawl; perhaps Jollibee can’t accept that McDo now owns a hotel.

Later on, the bee also build its own hotel. LOL!




In the end, McDonand’s appeared in the Senate hearing to deny its involvement in the issue. Hahaha!

Did McDo say that he was not around when Richard King was killed or he said that he did not started the meme? I do not know yet. How about you?