It’s a Lie that Merchandise in the Philippines are Expensive

If you believe that groceries and other merchandise in the Philippines are expensive, then are being fooled. Don’t be gullible.

When I was still abroad, I used to hear from my friend that the prices of different commodities in the Philippines are getting more expensive year after year. Well, that’s is inflation and we can’t stop it.

When I go back in the country, I discover that the ‘expensive’ notion was wrong. Philippine merchandise are actually cheaper than similar merchandise in other country.

In the Philippines, you can have a simple meal for only 15 pesos, which is only about 30 cents in U.S. dollar or about 45 cents in Brunei Dollar. You can also buy a fried banana snacks or cucur pisang in Malay for less than 10 pesos, which is less than 20 cents in U.S. dollar.

When you are in Hong Kong, 10 pesos is probably only good for a piece of toothpick.

The 50 pieces regular size party balloon which is priced at about $8.00 in Brunei is only 90 pesos in the Philippines. That is three times cheaper.

And most of all, my favorite art material which is crepe paper which is 70 cents in Brunei is only 8 pesos in PH. The 70 cent Brunei money is about 24 pesos value. Did you see the difference?

And the most exciting for fashion lovers? You can buy some RTWs for as low as 50 pesos. No, it’s not ukay-ukay (second hand clothing).

Thought there items that are slightly higher prices in the country, and the prices of oil are indeed high, most merchandise are cheaper compared to some other countries.

Therefore, if you are planning to shop Christmas gifts for your family and friends, better do it in the Philippines and I am shopping that will really enjoy your shopping.