The Land of a Thousand Waterfall in Hawaii is Spectacular Only During Rainy Days

Amazing Waterfalls at Koolau Mountains of Oahu, Hawaii

Among other famous credits, this slice of paradise, near Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands, served as the backdrop for the popular TV series, “Lost” according to

Well, that is not surprising. In fact, when I first saw the above photo, I thought it was a 3D graphics or a scenery from an animated movie, but it’s real.

It is located at the Koolau Mountains in Oahu, Hawaii. Some people call the place, “Land of a Thousand Waterfall.”

But did you know that the waterfall only appear during rainy days or when the the heavy rain falls? This means that no rain, no waterfalls.

So if you are a local resident of the area, you won’t likely to see this majestic view if you can’t drive safely or work properly during rainy days.

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