Have a Fun Holiday with These Easter Activities for Kids

Easter egg hunt, making arts and crafts, and cooking are some of these things.

A lot of people enjoy celebrating Easter, most especially the children. If you still need some advice on how to celebrate Easter in such a way that can make children happy, read on.

There are several games and activities for Easter that kids will enjoy, and some of them that are worth incorporating in your party or the celebration are  explained below.

Games and Easter Egg Hunt

One of the types of activities that spell out ”FUN” are the Easter Relays. Examples are the Bunny Hop Race (a twist on the traditional sack race), the Egg and Spoon Relay, among others.

These relays are advised if you have active children as part of your guest list, and of course, if you have a big space for the activities.

If you live in a condo, though, or you only have a small yard, better stick to indoor party activities.

For instance, you can start a Word Search game wherein the words they’ll search for are Easter-related: eggs, candy, Spring, Sunday, bunny, are some of the words you can use in the search for Easter activities for kids.

Easter party games or the Easter exercises for kids is the Easter Egg Hunt. See to it that you have brilliant eggs or have attractively composed eggs (hard boiled ones).

You might likewise pick the plastic eggs sold at the shopping centers and just fill those eggs’ inside with goodies e.g. candies and other sugary treats, little toys for the kids, or cash.


Arts and Crafts Activities

Another recommendation on how to celebrate Easter that will surely make the children happy is to make them do related arts and crafts.

For instance, you can tell the children to make cards for the occasion and give them to their parents, loved ones, etc. Just make sure that you have prepared scissors, glue, colored papers, markers, and other decorative materials for the cards.

You can ask the kids to help you with decorating the hard boiled eggs that will be used in one of the most popular games for Easter: the egg hunting activity.

Have food coloring ready, some markers, glue, scissors, and other materials the children can use for decorating the eggs.


Cooking and Coloring Pages

You can research on the web for the for coloring pages that have Easter-themes. Pages that have pictures of bunnies, eggs, flowers, etc., have what you can let the kiddos color in celebration of the occasion.

You can also check out local bookstores for Easter themed coloring books which you can distribute to your young guests, and they can color away at one part of the party.

Part of the list of Easter activities for kids that can make children happy is for you to let them help with the cooking and the baking of Easter goods.

Examples are Easter cookies (ones shaped like a bunny’s head), cupcakes that can be designed just like Easter eggs, and so on.