Facebook Has Added 5 New Reactions Along With The Like Button

I was surprise to see some new icon on my Facebook update when I open my phone. I saw a heart icon just beside the most popular “thumbs up” figure.

In other words, there already six reaction you can choose from: Like, Love, Wow, Haha, Sad, and Angry. You can only select one reaction but you can change it anytime.


I was wondering how it is done because I cannot find any such icon to press on my mobile phone or maybe because my FB app is not yet updated, but later on I realize that it is only working on computers, laptop or desktop.

I have not tried yet if these new reactions in Facebook are already available in tabs.

How It Works

I think this addition that Facebook made is cool because at least the use can now give more relevant reaction other than clicking the like button since there are no other choices.


To select you reaction, just hover your mouse on the Like icon then the other reactions will automatically pop up. It is the time that you can select the most appropriate reaction that you wanted to express; as simple as that.

Have you ever tried using those new buttons yet?