A Baker’s Dozen of Easter and Lent Symbolism. Which One You Do Not Know?

Hope springs as Easter bunnies hop and Easter eggs hatch.

These are few of the symbols to this historical and whimsical holiday. And never forget them Easter treats you all!

1. Palm Branches

It signifies the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem which marks the start of Lent. It is a Roman tradition to waved palm branches to welcome royals. Up until this day and age, Christians reenacts the celebration on Palm Sunday.

2. The Cross

It is a well-known and the most significant of the symbols of Easter, for this symbolizes the suffering, death, and victory of Jesus as he brings us never ending salvation.

3. Dogwood

It is a spring blooming tree which signifies the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is also believed that the dogwood tree was used in making the cross. And since then, it has been a commemoration of the crucifixion.

4. The Easter Lamb

It is symbol to commemorates the death of Jesus Christ and as the sacrifice for the first Passover. Traditionally, Christians refers Jesus as the “Lamb of God,” for God gave His son for our eternal salvation.

5. Bonfires and Candles

They represent the coming of Jesus Christ through earth which brings us light, posterity, and clarity. Lighting of bonfires and candles is still a part of the Easter Celebrations in some countries, such as the Philippines.

6. Easter Bonnet

It is a tradition of wearing new clothes on Easter. As one of the symbols, it highlights redemption and the promise of spiritual renewal.

7. Easter Lilies

Signifies the purity of Jesus Christ. This as one of the figures that resonates the transition of the earth to spring, revival, and beginnings.

8. Hot Cross Buns

Represents the four seasons of a year as well as to remind people of Jesus Christ. This is one of the symbols which has been a part of the traditional treats every Easter. As of today, hot cross buns have a drawn cross icing on top.

9. Butterflies

It is also one of the most significant symbols of Easter. It is parallel to the life of Jesus Christ; the first stage was the caterpillar which symbolizes His life on earth, then the second phase is the cocoon which symbolizes crucifixion and the burial, and the final stage is the butterfly which symbolizes resurrection.

10. Bunnies, 11. Eggs, and 12. Chicks

Easter wouldn’t be complete without the fluffy Easter bunnies and the colorful Easter eggs and chicks; which both symbolizes fertility, abundance, and new beginnings.

13. Jelly Beans

It may not be as much of significance but it has been the official Easter candy as it looks similar to those colorful Easter eggs, plus it’s delicious and it would be a very good treat for everyone on Easter so far.

Easter, is around the corner; sure it is fun to do and commemorate all these symbols and figures and even the traditions of the holiday. But, never forget to reflect for its true meaning. Thank God and let’s be all grateful for our new beginning.