Attorney, ang resibo! – Reasons Why You Should Secure Your Receipts

It was a hilarious moment during the Philippine House of Representatives hearing on the proliferation of illegal drugs in Naional Bilibid Prison when Herbert Colanggo testify that he had sent money through a money transfer service to the so called bagman of Sen. Leila de Lima.

When DOJ Secretary Aguirre asked Colanggo where the receipt of the transaction is, he turned to his legal counsel and said, “Attorney, ang resibo!” (Attorney, the receipt!), then the people in the room laugh.

It was a simple statement yet striking, and good for his party that the receipt was secured. Receipts are indeed important to support claims especially when it is during legal investigations.

Even in you home, you need to keep the receipt of your groceries and bills for future reference. In most cases, the receipt is necessary when you need to return a merchandise with defect.

Do not presume that everything is recorded when the payment process is computerized.

Since I availed the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program (POP), I deposited my contribution through a remittance agency.  The payment system was computerize.

In 2015, withdrew my savings under POP but prior to the release of the money, there was a little problem in record of the agency, and the staff said that they have to verify first my payment. I was required to submit the copies of receipts of my contribution.

Though it was inconvenient for me because I process the withdrawal in the Philippines and I left the receipt at my staff house in Brunei, I have nothing to do but to comply with requirement. Fortunately, I have a friend in Brunei that I can trust to search the receipts from my private files.

One of the receipts of my payments was lost but by God’s grace, I was able to save on my computer the reference numbers and the corresponding amounts I paid.

After about a month of follow ups, the check was released.

Expect that human beings forget and there are evil people in the world.

You are only human beings and your memory is limited, you cannot remember everything. As a matter of fact, unless you a genius, your brain can only conveniently recall in a short moment three to four digits of number. This is the reason why telephone numbers are separated to three or four digits by space or dash.

Since you have limited memory, sometimes you forget that you already paid your bill or debt from the other fellow. You are lucky enough if the people whom you transact with are honest, but take note that the evil people also exist with you in the world.

Once you forget it, the evil ones are ready to grab the opportunity.