If You Think That These are from a Fantasy Movie, You’re Wrong!

Trees in the world that looks surreal but actually real.

You will be amazed by the unique formation of these trees which seem to be imaginary plants that you can see on fantasy movies. They looks surreal but they are real.

Dragon’s Blood Tree in Socotra Island

The dragon blood tree  or Dracaena cinnabari is the most famous and distinctive plant of the island of Socotra. Its common name is based on its red sap, which is use to make red raisin or dragon’s blood, used as as varnish, dye medicine, ans incense since the ancient times.

It has a unique and strange appearance, described as “upturned, densely packed crown having the shape of an uprightly held umbrella”.

It has a uniique growth habit called dracoid habitus, which the leaves are found only at the end of its youngest branches.

By Boris Khvostichenko(User:Boriskhv) (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Rod Waddington [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Rod Waddington from Kergunyah, Australia (Dragon’s Blood Tree, Socotra Is) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Baobabs in Morondava, Madagascar

Another unique and amazing trees is Adansonia. It’s typical common name is baobab and it is a genus of nine species of tree, including six native to Madagascar, two native to mainland Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, and one native to Australia.

Baobab has very plump trunk with cluster of leaves on the top of it. They really look like the trees in the fairy tales and fiction stories.

Avenue of the Baobabs, Morondava, Madagascar
By Gavinevans (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Bernard Gagnon (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Olivier Lejade (originally posted to Flickr as Morondava – 08) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons