7 Types of Wedding Themes that Couples May Want to Try

When it comes to planning for your big day, it is really a personal decision which should be based on your individuality as a couple.

Whatever themes you choose should go along with your passion, venue, dress choice and overall theme color. With this in mind, many brides find it hard to choose unusual wedding themes that will leave a lasting memory in the minds of all in attendance.

A wedding is a lifetime event and should be as stunning as possible. With the right themes your wedding will surely stand out from the rest.

You might hear about underwater wedding ceremony that has been done by some couple, and some do it on a cliff and that is something unusual.

Here are some of wedding themes for you to reflect on:

 1. Seasons

All the four seasons have symbols that can be used as themes. For example, when you think of autumn you can opt for the color orange and signs of harvest.

When you think of winter you think of mistletoe, Christmas trees and white and red colors. You can opt to use colors, plants and other seasonal symbolism to achieve seasonal themes.

 2. Tribal

Some couples have awesome weddings based on their nationality or tribe. If you don’t have dominant nationality you can consider colors, traditions music and be sure to have an excellent theme.

In some Asian country, a wedding has normally more than three ceremonies, and one of that ceremony is a traditional activity which is done by wearing traditional clothes and performing different traditional activities of the tribe.

In addition to that, I also know a friend who did a Hawaiian theme on her wedding. Good that his groom agreed with her.

 3. Sports

Does the bride or groom participate or passionate about a particular sport? If yes, then this can be the best wedding theme.

You can use team gear symbols, clothing or team colors. You can also decorate your reception with team colored flowers and posters.

 4. Religion

You can choose to have a wedding in a given religion practice whereby none of the partners practice that religion.  You can choose to fly to a foreign site and then get married according to local marriage customs.

For example you can opt to go for an Indian wedding by hiring a castle in Rajasthan and enjoy all the festivity and music surrounding Indian marriage.  You can also choose to have a Greek style marriage in beautiful islands of Santorini Greece.

 5. Superhero

If you are under budget, you can go for superhero wedding themes. Here, bride or the groom dresses up as their favorite superhero or heroine.

Bride’s maids and grooms men can join in the fun and dress as worthy “sidekicks”. Guests can come dressed as any masked crusader they love. This may sound funny but this is your day, make it as memorable as possible by making it unique.

6. Duck themed Wedding

Are you obsessed with all forms of water fowl? Well, this can reflect your wedding theme. You can have your wedding on a marquee erected on parkland and next to a lake.

Choose a lake that is frequented by all sorts of birds and ducks. Invitation cards can be designed with this theme, they can have small mallard motifs and each envelope can be stuffed with soft feathers. Awesome!

 7. Space and the Planet Theme

This is weird but wonderful wedding theme where everything is centered on space and the planets. Here everything is made from wood, bugs and insects, bubbles and squares.

For nature lovers this can be the best theme. You can choose to have your wedding in the forest or bushes enjoying everything that Mother Nature has to offer.

You can also ask you guest to wear fairy costumes to make it more memorable. Green bushes and plants can do wonders on your wedding day.

You can also set up a futuristic venue as another option if you like – spaceships, planets and stars could be use as props. If you choose to do this, do it at night so that you can play with lighting effect.

Bonus tip: Not so much fun of modern and futuristic style? Go vintage. Though this will give you a little problem on looking for some old material, this theme may also save some money.

There are numerous unusual wedding themes to choose from. Whichever theme you choose will make your wedding day unique and forever memorable.

Images: By Luchoang nguyen (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons | By mattbuck (category) (Own work by mattbuck.) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons